Dental Bridges Are A Great Option To Replacing Missing Teeth

dental bridgesDental bridges are something you want to investigate if you have missing teeth.

Many patients come to my office either missing teeth or needing a tooth extraction. In today’s day and age, most people do not want to go around with a missing tooth, especially if it is a front tooth. Dental bridges are a great treatment option to replace these missing teeth.

Besides the obvious cosmetic issues, why would you want to replace a missing tooth? The mouth is designed to function in equilibrium and is supposed to be balanced with the right and left sides. When a tooth is missing, the teeth next to the space are put under more force than is normal. In addition, the opposite side of the mouth also has to work harder to compensate for that missing tooth. Thus if a missing tooth is not replaced, then the teeth next to the space and on the other side are put under much more stress, thereby increasing cracking and breaking of your good teeth. So, how can we prevent this? You must replace that missing tooth, and dental bridges are one of the best options available.

Dental bridges are a tried and true technology

dental bridgeIn a nutshell, they are dental crowns that are joined together to make a strong, permanently cemented prosthesis for your mouth. They are generally made out of strong porcelain and are at least three crowns/teeth in length. In preparation for dental bridges, the teeth on the sides are prepared for crowns (see diagram). An impression is taken and sent to the dental laboratory, which specializes in making dental bridges and crowns. It generally takes two to three weeks for the lab to make dental bridges, and once this is done your dentist will cement the bridge permanently in your mouth. It will look natural, be strong, and protect your teeth.

Here are a few special notes about dental bridges. Flossing dental bridges generally requires a floss threader that allows you to pass the floss underneath. With any sort of dental work, you must brush and floss to protect your investment. The only potential downside to dental bridges is that your dentist has to prepare the teeth on the sides of the space for crowns. This requires some drilling and removal of tooth structure, which is kept to a minimum.

If you are missing a tooth (or teeth) or need an extraction, call me, Dr. Lampee, today for a consultation about dental bridges. It will help restore and protect you smile for years to come.


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