All on 4 Dental Implants Lock In Dentures

all on 4 dental implantsMany of my patients are coming to see us for our “all on 4″ technique, which involves placing implants to stabilize and lock dentures into place. The all on four technique has revolutionized the old loose denture technology.

If you are missing your teeth now or need to have them taken out, then the all on four technique is something you may not be able to live without. For the past 200 years when somebody had their teeth taken out they were fitted for the old style dentures. These old dentures are the ones that fall out, are loose, and need denture paste. You also couldn’t chew all the types of food you wanted to. I have heard so many people tell me that they keep them in their pocket, because that is where they are most comfortable. Well, the all on four technique has changed this forever.

During a consultation in my office we will talk about this advanced technique and what to expect. We will discuss any teeth that need to be taken out, the process for this technique, any risks involved with the surgery, and what to expect from your new set of teeth. We also need to send you over to our smile design lab to take impressions and to discuss what you want your new teeth to look like.

You are sedated the day of surgery for the all on 4 technique. We take out any remaining teeth, smooth up the jaw bone to make sure there aren’t going to be any sore spots, add any bone that may be missing and then place four implants in the upper and/or lower jaw. To ensure that our implants heal and the bone grows around them to lock them in place, we actually do not hook up the implants to the new teeth for three to four months. Surprising, but it does take this much time for them to become part of you.

During that three month time period you do have teeth, but they are not attached to the implants. You leave the day of surgery with transitional teeth in that are similar to the old style dentures, which allows proper healing of the implants.

Once healed, we uncover the implants and attach the new teeth. What is further revolutionary with our approach to this cutting edge technique is that we encourage you to snap your teeth out once per day to clean them and to clean the head of the implant directly, which prevents excessive tartar buildup. If they were screwed in permanently then it would be very difficult to clean the implants and the under surfaces of the teeth, which creates bad breath and excessive bacterial buildup. We also encourage you to come into the office 1-2 times per year to have the implants and teeth professionally cleaned and to ensure your all on four technique is functioning properly.

With the all on 4 technique completed, you will be very secure and proud of your new smile. Be confident that these will new teeth will not fall out and that you can smile confidently and eat what you wish… nuts, corn on the cob, steak. The strength is amazing and your confidence will be back.

This revolutionary technique has transformed so many patients’ lives and smiles. Your smile may just be the next transformation.


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