Snap On Dentures That Hold In Place

snap on denturesSnap on dentures are the best solution for people who are bothered by how their dentures come loose when they eat or talk. Often, those with dentures no longer find much pleasure in eating or socializing because of anxiety and embarrassment. In order to solve this problem, the ability to snap your dentures in place is becoming a very popular solution and is accomplished with cosmetic dentures and dental implants.

These implants are made of medical grade titanium and are placed into the upper and/or lower jaws. The jaw bone then fuses around the implants, making them strong and able to hold the dentures in place. The implants will then be covered with special caps that will help snap the denture into place like a very secure and strong rivet or button

At least two implants are necessary to keep the dentures in place on the lower jaw. At least four are needed on the top. The strength of these dental implant dentures is amazing. Imagine eating what you want, anywhere you want and being able to laugh or smile without any possibility of the denture coming loose and falling out. You will also finally have that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed about or had in your twenties. Implants and snap on dentures are a definite investment, but considering the fact that it will finally make eating enjoyable again, it has been well worth it for all of our patients.

Having Your First Dental Implants

First of all, you will need a consultation for evaluation, specifically to look at your jaw structure and for where the implants will be placed. When it is determined that this procedure is a good fit for you, you will then be set up with an appointment to place the implants, generally under sedation.

At least four implants are necessary for upper denture implants, and at least two are needed on the bottom jaw.

After the implant placement we will take impressions of your mouth. These impressions will serve as an actual guide for making your dentures fit snuggly. But these will not just be any ordinary dentures. These will be dentures where there will be snaps, which will lock onto the implants and keep your dentures from moving or falling off.

We encourage our patients to take the dentures out once per day to brush the implants and to either brush or soak the implant dentures. This takes less than three minutes in the evening before bed and then you snap them right back in. This has been shown to the most effective way to keep your snap on dentures and implants free from food debris and tartar buildup. You will also need to come in to the office at least one time per year to have a professional cleaning by the hygienist.

As to be expected, this procedure has a slightly higher cost than the old regular dentures. They also take more time and a higher level of skill to complete. Not just any dentist down the street has the ability to do these snap on dentures.

The results are going to be phenomenal. Our patients highly appreciate their finished implant dentures and continually thank us. For them, the uncomfortable and embarrassing fight to keep their dentures in place while eating and talking is something of the past. Snap on dentures are going to change your smile and your life.

If you decide you want to explore snap on denture options, give us a call and we will setup a consultation to answer all your questions and guide you through the process.


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