A Sedation Dentist Understands Your Fears More Than Anything

sedation dentistFinding a good sedation dentist can be hard. In fact, just finding a good dentist can be hard. Today’s patients expect a caring staff, gentleness, a modern facility, and reassurance that they are in the best of hands. Today’s sedation patients expect even more than the average patient, mostly due to a lifetime fear of dental visits. It is crucial that the dental phobic patient find the right sedation dentist.

Traits of a sedation dentist

Empathy – one of the most important traits of an excellent sedation dentist. Many patients avoid visiting the dentist due to fear of being ridiculed about their oral condition. They feel that their mouth is so bad that the dentist will chastise them, thus adding to their dental fear. A good sedation dentist will listen and empathize with each patient’s dental history. Your sedation dentist will let you know that your smile can be fixed and that you will be treated gently and with respect.

The sedation process will also be explained, especially the part where you won’t remember your appointment. Many patients are astonished at the amount of dental work that can be accomplished (such as a sedation root canal) in what seems like a short time period. You will wake up feeling great, and with the smile of your dreams.

You may wonder, what are the requirements to be a sedation dentist? Or, more humorously, why does this guy want to focus on people who are deathly afraid of him? Dentistry is a calling. It takes an unusual amount of schooling, fine motor skills, and patience. We are part doctor, part psychologist. To be a good sedation dentist, we must be even more of a psychologist, since it is our patient’s mind and psyche that we must strive to understand before we can even be a dentist. Requirements to be a sedation dentist include additional training after dental school in anesthesia and medical emergencies.

Experience and patient testimonials are also important in finding a good sedation dentist. Is sedation a main focus of your doctor? What do even the most fearful patients say about their sedation dentist experience? If the most phobic patients are now that dentist’s greatest advocate, then you know something’s being done right. The end result for patients is they can feel more confidence than ever before about taking advantage of sedation dentistry in most any situation.

All of this is important to evaluate in order to find a good sedation dentist. When all of your research is done and you have made the decision to make an appointment, after however many years it has been, what it all comes down to is trust, empathy, and the confidence that your sedation dentist can make your smile beautiful and functional again. Your life can be forever changed in the hands of a good sedation dentist.


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