A Sedation Root Canal Is Amazing

sedation root canalWhy is it that whenever I have to bring up the word root canal every patient seems to cringe and gasp? I am pretty amazed how those two words (root…canal!) can stir up so much fear and trepidation. With today’s technological advancements these procedures are pretty uneventful, perhaps even boring. However, dental anxiety does not just go away. Many patients either had a bad experience or heard about a friend’s bad experience. This can really take root (no pun intended) and create a lifetime fear of the dentist. Thank goodness for sedation! A big part of my practice is sleep dentistry, so it is with great pleasure that I can tell you about a sedation root canal.

A Sedation Root Canal Is A Very Pleasant Experience

What a sedation root canal allows you to do is not remember the appointment, and thus not remember having the sedation root canal performed.

You may need a root canal if your tooth has a large cavity, crack, or has had trauma or a large amount of dental work done to it. These can cause the nerve of the tooth to become inflamed and start to die. The symptoms can be throbbing, sharp and prolonged sensitivity to cold and/or hot, swelling, pain on chewing, or abscess. Most of these symptoms are bacterial in origin. The sedation root canal procedure involves removing the nerve from the middle of the tooth, sterilizing the area in question, and placing a filling. If you have any anxiety about dental work, I would recommend a sedation root canal.

Like all of our sedation appointments, I make sure you are comfortable and adequately sedated before beginning any procedure. Through a series of medications, I will put you in a sleep like state. Your brain can still listen to my voice but you won’t remember the appointment. I will be able to tell you turn left, turn right, open, and close; all so I can get the tooth fixed. After a sedation root canal, most people wake up in their beds hours after the appointment and wonder if they even really went to the dentist.

The sedation root canal can be a true blessing for so many patients. Anxiety and fear are gone! If you are in need a root canal right now or perhaps in the future, I want you to know that a sedation root canal is a great option. In dentistry, root canals are the procedures that most people seem to be the most anxious about, and it is my never-ending goal to eliminate that anxiety. Call me today if you have any questions about a sedation root canal.


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