About Dr. Lampee

We’ve helped our patients get happy, healthy smiles for 12 years and counting! Meet the Sleep Dentistry Defined team – led by Dr. Heath Lampee – and take a peek at our office.

The best part of Dr. Lampee’s job is helping my patients recapture their self-confidence. Watching a patient see their brand-new smile for the first time gives him an incredible feeling of accomplishment. He absolutely loves the joy that he can bring to his patients by restoring their teeth!

Dr. Lampee is the leading doctor for patients that need a complete dental makeover, he can give them a brand-new smile in just a single day. With Teeth in 24™  we can transform a patient’s life—the way they look and, more importantly, the way they feel—in just 24 short hours.

Dr. Heath Lampee, DMD

Dr. Lampee is a native Oregonian, was raised in Salem and educated at Oregon State University and Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry. He started Sleep Dentistry Defined to make a difference in people’s lives by providing a caring, comfortable dental experience for all his patients.

Dr. Heath Lampee, DMD became the first and only Diplomate Dentist in Beaverton, Oregon with the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry (ABOI/ID).  There are only 600 dentists in the world who have reached Diplomate status with the ABOI/ID.  This certification makes Dr. Lampee one of the worldwide leading experts in implant care.

Dr. Lampee also received a prestigious Fellowship Award from Academy of General Dentistry during the AGD’s convocation ceremony on Saturday, July 30, 2022. The Fellowship Award is presented to dentists looking to provide the highest quality of dental care by remaining current in their profession. To receive this award, Dr. Lampee completed 500 hours of continuing dental education, passed a comprehensive written exam and fulfilled three years of continuing membership with the AGD.  The Fellowship Award symbolizes excellence in the dental profession and a commitment to providing exceptional patient care.

He is also the author of Live Small, Live Big: A Guide to Modern Success and is the founder of dental education provider BeyonDentistry Education.

His personal motto: Balance and dedication in all you do.

Come visit us to see why our patients choose Dr. Lampee as Portland’s best dentist for Dental Implants, Permanent Implant Dentures, Veneers and Crowns!

Dr Heath Lampee