Dr. Lampee’s Full Service In-House Dental Lab

Introducing Teeth in 24™

Dr. Lampee is one of the few offices nationwide that has a full-service dental implant lab within the practice. Our expert dental implant lab technician can create new custom dental implants in as little as 24 hours. Dr. Lampee has invested in leading-edge technology from Italy, the M1 Wet Heavy Metal Milling Unit from Zirkonzahn. This technology allows us to do deliver reliable and perfect single and full mouth dental implants in 24 hours. We are also able to create full mouth zirconia crowns as well.

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Cutting Edge Technology

No other implant center in Oregon has the same modern technology Dr. Lampee has. Most other dental implant clinics outsource the creation of their dental crowns and lose control and precision of the process. Dr. Lampee has invested in the most advanced dental CADCAM software and a computer-controlled milling unit to help create some of the most beautiful dental restorations ever.

Not only do our patients benefit from the most cutting-edge technology for creating dental implants but they also benefit from the cost advantage. Since we control the entire creation process of dental implants, we make sure the costs do not become too high or out of control for our patients. The CAD CAM technology is unlike old school denture technology and our patients receive the most natural, durable, and comfortable dental implants that are offered today.

Precise and Reliable Service with Our In-House Dental Lab

Our state-of-the-art dental lab offers our patients the highest quality and reliability in dental services, in a relaxed setting with the ultimate in care and personal attention. Dr. Lampee works directly with our dental lab technician to ensure our patients get the best result.

Dr. Lampee’s Teeth in 24™ is setting the highest standards in the dental industry. Everyone else is just playing catchup. Our ability to control the creative process and deliver life-changing restorations is truly phenomenal.

Teeth in 24™ is now here to help change your smile, health, and life!

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