One of the most important aspects of a Lampee Rejuvenation is the warm, friendly environment of Sleep Dentistry Defined. We know that visiting the dentist isn’t usually a positive experience, so we’ve done everything possible to create an environment that is unlike any dental office you’ve ever seen.

Many of our patients haven’t been to the dentist in years, often because of bad dental experiences in the past or just a general aversion to dental or medical offices. And that’s understandable, they can be cold, unwelcoming and are generally not places where you can be comfortable and relaxed.

We understand that and have built our office to create an environment that is relaxing, and where you can be completely at ease. It is light, bright, and our waiting room has been outfitted with your comfort in mind. Our office has ergonomically-designed chairs for each patient, and we make sure to provide each Lampee Rejuvenation patient with access to several relaxation tools like essential oils, a paraffin wax treatment and plush blankets while they’re here.

As your dentist, I am also very sensitive to any discomfort you may have with going to the dentist. Our first goal at Sleep Dentistry Defined is to make sure you’re comfortable so that you can share your concerns and that my team addresses any questions you have before we do any dental work. You’d be amazed how many dentists don’t do this! I want you to be able to trust my entire team, and the first step is always hearing what each patient needs and cares about!

Our entire team is here to make your experience a positive one. We’ve all been doing this for a long time, and put our patients’ comfort and results first. Give us a call if you’d like to schedule a consultation at Sleep Dentistry Defined!

-Dr. Lampee, DMD


About Dr. Lampee

Dr Heath Lampee, DMD

Since 2007, my focus has been to see fewer patients and to give the patients I do see my undivided attention. I want to help patients overcome their fear of the dentist, improve their health, and be proud of their smiles!

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