Sleep Dentistry Defined is a well-established general dentistry practice that handles all types of routine dental work. We’ve built an outstanding reputation for patient care and comfort… just check out our Yelp Reviews!

What we’ve found after years and years of helping patients is that many patients put off dental visits for two reasons:

  1. They’re afraid of the dentist or have dental anxiety, often because of a bad experience in the past.
  2. They have so many dental or medical issues that the prospect of visiting the dentist, and not knowing what to expect is daunting for them.

These patients are exactly why we’ve developed the Lampee Rejuvenation. As I’ve touched on before, it is a unique approach to dentistry that prioritizes patient comfort and outstanding results, regardless of the specific dental needs that each patient has. No job is too big or complex, but often the anxiety involved with going to the dentist is the biggest challenge to overcome!

While we have just introduced the Lampee Rejuvenation, several of our past patients have had work done that perfectly sums up what we expect from a Lampee Rejuvenation. These are also exactly the types of people who the Lampee Rejuvenation was designed for!



Scott put off getting work done for years because he didn’t know where to start. He came to Sleep Dentistry Defined, and within days we put together a plan to get him a healthy smile again!

Cherie & Bill

Cherie & Bill both had bad teeth as side effects of other health issues. See how Sleep Dentistry Defined was able to help!



Marlee was terrified of going to the dentist. Her dental anxiety kept her away from the dentist, but once she heard about sedation dentistry, she felt comfortable enough to completely makeover her smile.


As you can see, these are four very different people with unique challenges. They are also all people who are now healthier and are so happy with their smiles! Sometimes it takes time, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the results are more than worth it. I love talking to patients months or even years after getting major work done and hearing how transformative it was for them. That’s our goal with each Lampee Rejuvenation – to make sure that you have the smile you want and deserve, for years to come!

Give us a call if you think you’d be a good fit for a Lampee Rejuvenation!

-Dr. Lampee, DMD

About Dr. Lampee

Dr Heath Lampee, DMD

Since 2007, my focus has been to see fewer patients and to give the patients I do see my undivided attention. I want to help patients overcome their fear of the dentist, improve their health, and be proud of their smiles!

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