Over the last 8 years, something has become very clear to me: people don’t like going to a Portland dentist! If you’ve seen any of my recent appearances on AM Northwest, you know that this is nothing new. Patients often have bad experiences with their dentists, sometimes starting at a very young age. That can cause anxiety later, and even prompt a decline in dental health because they will avoid making another appointment or even trying to go to a different dentist because they’re afraid all dentists will treat them the same way.

As a dentist, this is a very important topic to me. Not because I disagree with patients who have had a bad experience – but because I know what you’re going through! Dental anxiety is completely normal, and as a dentist I’ve made it my mission to create a totally different experience for my dental implant patients. One that is welcoming, comfortable, and allows you to get a healthy, confident smile without the fear and discomfort that usually comes with a dental visit.

It’s also why I recently decided to change the name of my practice to Sleep Dentistry Defined. For the last eight years my team has developed a reputation for care that puts our patient’s comfort and peace-of-mind first.  We take our time, we see fewer patients, and we use the best labs.  We try to do everything differently and we always are striving for perfection through progress.  We welcome all patients, and for those who are nervous about coming to the dental office we offer sleep dentistry.

Sedation dentistry (aka sleep dentistry) is, in many cases, exactly what our patients have been looking for. It has been completely transformative for so many of my patients, especially ones that have wanted to improve their teeth for years but have been afraid to do so. By using safe, proven sedatives, the patient can essentially sleep through a major dental procedure without the discomfort – mental or physical – that usually accompanies such a visit. Instead, the patient wakes up with their new, improved smile and less anxiety for their next dentist appointment.

The entire Sleep Dentistry Defined team is here for you! If any of the anxiety described here applies to you, give us a call to see how we can help redefine dentistry for you.

About Dr. Lampee

Dr Heath Lampee, DMD

Since 2007, my focus has been to see fewer patients and to give the patients I do see my undivided attention. I want to help patients overcome their fear of the dentist, improve their health, and be proud of their smiles!

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