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Dental Health and Parkinson’s Disease

2021-10-31T07:34:21-07:00October 27th, 2015|All, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Implant Dentures, Specialized Care|

Many dental patients with Parkinson’s disease don't know what their options are. Their first symptoms are usually toothache, broken teeth, and discoloration. For many patients, the teeth have gotten so bad that the best option is to start fresh with a long term solution that will last them the rest of their lives, especially as their symptoms advance. My job is to educate and help my patients retain their smile and confidence as they fight this disease.

Beaverton Smile Center is Now Sleep Dentistry Defined

2021-10-31T07:33:40-07:00August 6th, 2015|All, Cosmetic Dentistry, Emergency Services, Full Mouth Reconstruction, General Dentistry, Implant Dentures, Sedation Dentistry, Specialized Care|

We've redefined dentistry, so a new name is in order! We've developed a reputation for care that puts our patients' comfort and peace-of-mind first.  We take our time, we see fewer patients, and we use the best labs. We try to do everything differently and we always are striving for perfection through progress.  We welcome all patients, and for those who are nervous about coming to the dental office we offer sleep dentistry.

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