“Teeth in a day” has become a very popular thing for patients to ask me about. There has been quite a bit of buzz about teeth in a day – and for good reason – so I’m here to educate you all about this great procedure.

Teeth in a day basically means to replace missing teeth with dental implants, and to do it in one day. This is revolutionary, because ten years ago, no one thought this was possible. Teeth in a day can apply to all the teeth or to just one. Most patients who undergo this procedure have a problem with severe cavities or gum disease. This often arises from neglect due to dental anxiety, but there is often a strong genetic component at play.

When we talk about replacing all of the teeth, we remove all the teeth in each jaw, place dental implants into the sockets, pack bone grafting material around each implant to allow them to heal, and put everything back together with suture material. At this point, the teeth are out, and the implants are in. At the end of the appointment we place a custom fit denture that will cover the area while it heals.

You can think of this as a temporary denture that looks great and fits well, but is really there to protect the implants while they heal in the jaws. Once the implants heal, which takes roughly three months, we then secure the denture to the implants – it can snap or screw in.

This new set of teeth is strong, looks awesome, and is secured to the implants so it will not come out at embarrassing moments. Your teeth have never felt so good! We place 4 to 8 implants on the top jaw and 3 to 5 implants on the lower jaw. The more implants, the better the stability of your new teeth.

Teeth in a day can also apply to single tooth dental implants. It means that the day we place a dental implant we can attach a temporary tooth to it. This fills in the gap where you were missing the tooth. This is mostly done in the front of the mouth.

Traditionally, the day we place an implant, I would give you a flipper, which is a removable acrylic retainer with a tooth on it. This is meant to look nice when you smile, but not to eat with (it is fragile).

For teeth in a day, the conditions must be right to place the immediate temporary tooth instead of a flipper. The implant must have good stability and excellent bony support. If there is not enough stability or bony support, then placing an immediate temporary tooth is too risky, and can cause the implant to fail. If I feel that you have good enough bone for the implant, I will encourage you to allow me to place the immediate temporary tooth. This has to heal for roughly four months before I place the permanent porcelain crown on top of the implant. It is extremely important for you not to put any force on the temporary tooth. Soft foods are a must for the first six weeks.

Teeth in a day is a transformational treatment option. To do the job, and to do it well, is probably one of the most technical things I do, but often it is the most rewarding. I generally do teeth in a day under full sedation, get all the hard work done, and the patient wakes up with a whole new cosmetic smile supported by implants. It is quite a transformation in just a single day!

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