Lampee Rejuvenation℠

A Lampee Rejuvenation℠ is Sleep Dentistry Defined’s unique approach to dentistry, and it has been specially designed for patients who don’t like going to the dentist or who have unique dental challenges that they’ve struggled with for years or even decades.

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A Faster, More Comfortable Way to Restore Lost Gum Tissue

The Lampee Lift℠ was developed by Sleep Dentistry Defined to restore lost gum tissue in a less invasive, more comfortable way.

The Lampee Lift was developed by Sleep Dentistry Defined to restore lost gum tissue – also known as gingival recession or gum recession. In the past, gum reconstruction required palate surgery which was very invasive and painful. A Lampee Lift is much simpler and less invasive. We use sterilized, donated gum tissue to rebuild the gums in a simple one- or two-hour procedure. This covers the roots of the teeth with healthy gum tissue, protecting them from bacterial infection and sensitivity to heat or cold. We can also complete a Lampee Lift using sleep dentistry for complete patient comfort.

There Are Many Causes of Gum Recession

Some of the most common ones are using too much pressure when you brush your teeth, using a tooth brush with stiff bristles, or doing other things that apply pressure or abrasion to your teeth. Chewing smokeless tobacco can also wear away gum tissue around your teeth. And for many patients multiple causes, over time, will lead to the need to correct this very common problem.

We’re Gum Renewal Experts

Dr. Lampee and his team have spent years working with patients who have gum recession and need restorative work to correct the issue. With the Lampee Lift, this restorative work can be done in just one appointment over one or two hours, with a local anesthetic or under sedation. Many people don’t notice they have gum recession until it starts to cause them pain or other issues. If these are things you’ve started to notice, we can help!

“Dr. Lampee is the best dentist I have ever been to. His expertise and caring personality is very comforting and reassuring. Lanae, my dental hygienist, was gentle and thorough and my teeth feel so clean.”

Scott, Patient

“Totally painless! The best dental experience I have ever had.”

Marlee, Patient
“I had an old filling that was cracking a tooth [and it] had to be fixed. Dr. Lampee and his staff made this procedure as comfortable as possible. Dr. Lampee also took the time necessary to make my experience pain free. Thank you as always for a nice dental experience.”
Jennifer, Patient