Teeth in 24™

The best part of my job is helping my patients recapture their self-confidence. Watching a patient see their brand-new smile for the first time gives me an incredible feeling of accomplishment. I absolutely love the joy that I can bring to my patients by restoring their teeth!

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Want Teeth in 24 Hours?

And for patients that need a complete dental makeover, I can give them a brand-new smile in just a single day. With Teeth in 24™  we can transform a patient’s life—the way they look and, more importantly, the way they feel—in just 24 short hours.

The Procedure: A New Smile in 24 Hours

For my patients with teeth good enough to save, we can do full mouth crowns and veneers in one day. In one day we can remove old leaking fillings, cavities, root canal infections, and cover gaps or missing teeth. We prepare all of the necessary teeth for crowns and veneers and make temporaries that look like the final ceramic restorations. It is an incredibly transforming day for these patients. A lifetime of hiding your smile can go away in the blink of an eye! You wear the temporaries for about a month, then we have back to bond the permanent porcelain crowns and veneers in place. This is the first application for Teeth in 24. The second application for Teeth in 24 is for my patients whose teeth are not good enough to save or are already missing all of their teeth.

Teeth in 24 for patients whose teeth cannot be saved includes an advanced procedure for screw-in, permanent implant dentures. It means you don’t have to wait for a healthier mouth and a brighter smile. In one day, we perform the surgery: we remove the affected teeth, trim up the bone to allow the new teeth to fit, and put in the dental implants. The best part is you’re sedated and relaxed the entire time! We do 4 to 6 implants for each jaw. Four implants is the minimum, but six is best for long-term strength. The day of surgery we take an impression of the implants so that the lab can prepare your customized temporary screw-in prosthetic. The next day, I place the implant prosthetic in your mouth and you leave the office with a full, new set of teeth that is anchored in place. It doesn’t rock or move or need to ever come out.

Now, these are temporary teeth made out of acrylic, so you have to be extremely easy with them. You are going to be on an ultra-soft diet for two to three months while the implants heal.

For the first couple of weeks, your mouth may be a little swollen and sore. We’ll provide you with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to make sure you’re comfortable. And like anything in life that is new, it may take some time to adapt to having your new teeth in your mouth. I like to describe it like “having training wheels on your bicycle again.”

After three months of healing we do another set of impressions on the implants and make your final Teeth in 24 restorations from pure zirconia ceramic.  It is the ultimate in strength, aesthetics, and durability.  And guess what?  That’s it.  You’re done.  Taking care of your Teeth in 24 prosthetics is very important.  You need to brush, floss, and Waterpik your permanent prosthetics.  We also want to see at our office once a year for a cleaning and exam.  Even at the cleanings we do not remove the prosthetic; we just clean around it and clean the implants easily.

Teeth in 24 is probably going to be one the best thing you do in your life.  Every day Dr. Lampee sees patients who have the procedure done and their lives have been changed.   Their health is better.  Their diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and energy levels improve.  They can smile again, which means they can put their best foot forward in life and seize the day.  Their confidence is beaming.  Teeth in 24 changes lives.

“Dr. Lampee is the best dentist I have ever been to. His expertise and caring personality is very comforting and reassuring. Lanae, my dental hygienist, was gentle and thorough and my teeth feel so clean.”

Scott, Patient

“Totally painless! The best dental experience I have ever had.”

Marlee, Patient
“I had an old filling that was cracking a tooth [and it] had to be fixed. Dr. Lampee and his staff made this procedure as comfortable as possible. Dr. Lampee also took the time necessary to make my experience pain free. Thank you as always for a nice dental experience.”
Jennifer, Patient