Teeth in 24™

The best part of my job is helping my patients recapture their self-confidence. Watching a patient see their brand-new smile for the first time gives me an incredible feeling of accomplishment. I absolutely love the joy that I can bring to my patients by restoring their teeth!

And for patients that need a complete dental makeover, I can give them a brand-new smile in just a single day. With Teeth in 24™ we can transform a patient’s life—the way they look and, more importantly, the way they feel—in just 24 short hours.

The Procedure: A New Smile in 24 Hours

Teeth in 24 is an advanced procedure for screw-in, permanent implant dentures. It means you don’t have to wait for a healthier mouth and a brighter smile. In one day, we perform the surgery: we remove the affected teeth, trim up the bone to allow the new teeth to fit, and put in the implants. The best part is you’re sedated and relaxed the entire time! We do 4 to 6 implants for each jaw. Four implants is the minimum, but six is best for long-term strength. The day of surgery we take an impression of the implants so that the lab can prepare your temporary screw-in prosthetic. The next day, I place the implant prosthetic in your mouth and you leave the office with a full, new set of teeth.

Now, these are temporary teeth made out of acrylic, so you have to be extremely easy with them. You are going to be on an ultra-soft diet for two to three months while the implants heal.

For the first couple of weeks, your mouth may be a little swollen and sore. We’ll provide you with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to make sure you’re comfortable. And like anything in life that is new, it may take some time to adapt to having your new teeth in your mouth. I like to describe it like “having training wheels on your bicycle again.”

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Improved Health in 24 Hours

When we give a patient a beautiful new smile, we are also improving their overall health. During the surgery, we remove and treat any infections. Gum disease and dental abscesses can negatively impact your immune system, diabetes, and heart health. In only a few weeks after the procedure, our patients often feel healthier and more energetic.

Recovery: Healing with a New Smile

You are going to wear this screw-in temporary prosthetic for about six months. You can laugh, smile and talk with confidence with these. At the four month mark after initial surgery, we start impressions for your final set of permanent teeth, which are generally made out of full ceramic material. These are the strongest and most aesthetic teeth I can give you. It takes several appointments to perfect the permanent ceramic implant prosthetics. Once they are finished at the dental laboratory, we permanently place them in your mouth in a short follow-up appointment in our office.

Mary before and after. Wow, what a difference!

Living with Confidence

These permanent implant dentures are very secure. Only I can remove them—and my goal is to never take them out! You’ll be able to wear them confidently and talk and chew like normal. And with great home care, they have the ability to last a lifetime. I recommend patients use a Waterpik and Super Floss in addition to their regular brushing regime.

At Sleep Dentistry Defined, we have the experience and technology to bring you back to health and vibrancy. Our patients inspire us every day, and we share the excitement they have for their improved teeth, health and lives! If you’d like to schedule a consultation at Sleep Dentistry Defined, give us call!

Dr Heath Lampee, DMD